New Products

Tortellini, Ravioli PAGANI with meat and cheese stuffings


  • Tortelloni Ricotta e Spinaci;
  • Tortellini Con Prosciutto;
  • Ravioletti Con Prosciutto;
  • Ravioli Mezzaluna Con Prosciutto;
  • Tortellini Ai Tre Formaggi.





    New line of products Euro Patisserie

    Cheese Biscuits Les Amis du Vine


    • Cheese Bites Parmesan;
    • Cheese Baguettes Tomato-Basil;
    • Cheese Baguettes Mediterranean Spiced;
    • Cheese Snacks Gouda & Edam;
    • Cheese Palmiers Mustard-Honey;
    • Mini Cheese Sticks mixed Flavours. 




    Italian Coffe (pod) Caffe Cavaliere

    Pod is one portion of the fried, pressed ground coffee in the paper filter on 7 gr. For preparation of ideal coffee of espresso. Pod is possibility simply, quickly and easily to prepare the first class espresso. This new technology has been developed in Italy specially that everyone could prepare independently espresso and cappuccino, and thanks to the ideal packing, everyone pod keeps all qualities racy miled coffee. Coffee in pod does process of preparation of espresso so simple, and result so blameless that the pleasure even will give to the strict judge of espresso. Almost on all modern coffee machine it is possible to see abbreviation E.S.E - Easy Serving Espresso (simple preparation of espresso).


    Natural Organic cookies Euro Patisserie

    Natural Organic cookies Euro Patisserie

    We present you a new product: exclusively natural Organic cookies from already familiar and all favorite Dutch manufacturer Euro Patisserie.

    Six kinds of are cookies are available:

    • Whole Grain Cookies
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Peanut Cookies
    • Honey Waffles
    • Butter Palmiers
    • Butter Krakelingen



    Pasta Caroli from not sifted flour INTEGRAL

    Pasta Caroli from not sifted flour INTEGRAL

    CAROLI pasta is made from ecological not sifted wheat grown up in the best farm in the south of Italy in the Pulia region. Flour for the pasta is made by a rough grinding of integral grain of firm wheat thanks to which the premium macaroni CAROLI have an original brownish shade and a rich taste. Not sifted wheat contains a considerable quantity of fiber. And the most important thing, in CAROLI pasta from not sifted wheat is a source of cellulose.

    Cellulose is a very healthy nutrient. Thanks to it the food is digested faster. Also cellulose helps to decrease the level of cholesterol and even prevents certain kinds of cancer.

    It is established that people consume cellulose three times less, than it is necessary. The lack cellulose in a diet is one of the major reasons of deterioration of health, and also adiposity. It is not necessary to imagine, when speaking about cellulose, unappetizing flat dishes with bran. Many other more tempting products are also rich in cellulose. To be convinced, in it try the CAROLI pasta from not sifted wheat. It is ideally suited for the balanced food.



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