МИЛКА - Шоколадные плитки, конфеты

The history of chocolate Milka has begun in Switzerland, in small town Nojshatel. In 1901 г factory Filipa Sushara has let out the first tile of a milk chocolate which has received name Milka. This name was formed of two German words – «Milch» (milk) and «Kakao» (cocoa).  

In 2001 the brand of chocolate Milka has celebrated 100-year-old anniversary. More than century fans of chocolate enjoy its gentle taste. A secret of popularity Milka – century traditions of quality and a unique compounding. In chocolate the Alpine milk that does its such fantastically gentle is added. 

Today Milka – mark of chocolate №1 in Europe. Buyers learn chocolate Milka on is bright-lilac packing and a lilac cow on it which became a symbol trading Marks in 1972   In January, 2004 company "Kraft Fudc" has begun manufacture of chocolate Milka in Russia at confectionery factory in a city the Cover of Vladimir region.  Fans of a milk chocolate can easily choose to themselves a product to taste from rich assortment Milka: the grown fond tastes of chocolate tiles in a format 100 г, popular tastes of chocolate tiles in the big format 250 г, Milka M-Joy in convenient for перекуса Format of 70  In 2008 Milka has deduced on the market a product in мини to packing 13,5 г which can be found in 3 tastes: the Alpine milk, with дробленым a filbert and with chocolate paste.    In November, 2008 in the Russian market of chocolate there were two new unique tastes Milka: «a ripe cherry with cream» and «a dessert a cream-caramel». The secret of double pleasure is new chocolate Milka with a two-layer stuffing which has no analogues in the Russian market of tiled chocolate. The innovative technology allows to combine two structures of a stuffing in one tile: thawing creamy and gentle cherry or карамельную that does chocolate Milka by even more gentle.  In 2009 Milka represents a novelty – unique minichocolates Milka 38 г from a gentle milk chocolate with bonus nuts: a pistachio and a filbert. Minichocolates Milka – small chocolate pleasure, which always near at hand.

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ID Name Weight, g Packaging, i
Chocolate MILKA in assortment of 38
0753094 Chocolate MILKA dairy with crusha filbert 38 20
753092 Chocolate MILKA dairy with a pistachio 38 20
Chocolate MILKA figured
0082336 Chocolate MILKA the Chocolate Hare 60 12
0088776 Chocolate MILKA the Father Frost 60 12
0105302 Chocolate MILKA the Chocolate Stars 145 9
0373783 Chocolate MILKA Father Frost 20 49
0373785 Chocolate MILKA the Chocolate Hare 20 48
0547151 Chocolate MILKA the Chocolate Shaving 75 11
0604747 Chocolate MILKA Father Frost 130 12
0604749 Chocolate MILKA set 210 12
Chocolate MILKA M-Joy in assortment 70г
0088802 Chocolate MILKA M-Joy dairy with an integral filbert 70 20
0088803 Chocolate MILKA M-Joy dairy with an integral almonds 70 20
0088804 Chocolate MILKA M-Joy dairy with caramel 70 20
Chocolate MILKA in assortment 100г.
0088808 Chocolate MILKA dairy with a filbert 100 20
0088809 Chocolate MILKA dairy with a ilbert 100 20
0088809 Chocolate MILKA dairy with a ilbert 100 20
0088810 Chocolate MILKA dairy with integral filbert 100 20



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